Our mission at Electrotherm (India) Limited  is to keep sight of a simple but elegant philosophy, “Building it Right.” Building any construction is a labour of love. We wish to build not just for the sake of building, but for the cause of a better tomorrow.


Electrotherm (India) Limited has always been at the forefront of manufacturing top quality construction TMT steel bars with this mission at its foundation, for over a decade.

We also understand the necessity of identifying the correct grades of TMT steel bars for construction to provide the best solution for any construction needs while maintaining competitive costs.

When deciding which grade of steel TMT bars to purchase, it is important to understand the difference and the suitability of different grades in order to make the perfect choice for your specific construction requirements.


When picking the best steel TMT bars, it is helpful to keep some crucial aspects in mind. One of the first things to consider is the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process involved in the production of steel TMT bars has a huge impact. Choosing a brand that manufactures steel TMT bars using a combination of iron ore as the raw material and Ladle Refining Process (LRF) as the refining tool is ideal. This is because using the LRF process results in fewer impurities in TMT bars when compared to regular steel bars. This combination of iron ore and LRF results into steel which is tramp free and is low in impurities like sulphur, phosphorus and gases. Both BF-BOF-LRF or “Integrated iron ore- IF – LRF”  routes are capable of delivering high quality BIS compliant TMT bars. 

The TMT bars should have an anti-corrosive property. This ensures that the surface of the bar does not experience wear and tear from exposure to natural elements, especially moisture.

Flexibility is another must-have property for good quality steel TMT bars. This makes the construction work easier. It also helps the structure to withstand high-level seismic-tension resulting from high-intensity seismic shocks and earthquakes.

It is also important to check brand certifications. This ensures that the steel products follow the quality standards set by the government of India.

The same is true of testing facilities and laboratories. Choose steel bars from a brand which has an in-house lab and a testing facility. This confirms that the steel TMT bars are safe and reliable for use in your construction work.

Picking the right grade of TMT steel bars may seem hard. Once you understand the difference between various grades, you can pick the right TMT steel bar grades. Here is a look at two often confused grades of TMT steel bars, the 500 AND 500D bars.


For use in critical infrastructure, the TMT steel bars should have high ductility. They should be able to withstand natural calamities such as strong winds, storms and earthquakes. Lower Phosphorus and carbon content in TMT steel bars leads to higher ductility and weldability in the bars. This ensures that their strength is not reduced at the weld joints.

 500D TMT bars are highly ductile and have higher fatigue resistant to seismic loads. Thus they are the most suitable grade of steel TMT bars for use in areas registering high seismic activities or earthquakes. They withstand the devastation effects well, should an earthquake of high intensity occur. In structures with 500D bars, the high ductility of these bars ensures that the structure bends or deforms before collapsing, hence reducing the intensity of damage to life and property.

Fe 500D grade bars are more ductile than Fe 500 grade bars and the main reasons for this are –

– While both Fe 500 and Fe 500D have the same 0.2 per cent proof stress/yield stress (Min) the tensile strength of 500D is greater by 2 per cent. The tensile strength (Min) for Fe 500 is 545 MPa and for Fe 500D it is 565 MPa.

 – Fe 500D has enhanced specified minimum percentage elongation i.e. 16% whereas Fe 500 has a lower elongation value of 12%. A higher elongation value means the 500D TMT bar can withstand higher stress than 500 TMT bars.

– The chemical composition is also different between the two variants. While 500D has 0.25% Carbon (max) as Fe 500 has 0.30% Carbon (max). The maximum percentage of Sulphur and Phosphorus are also lower in Fe 500D. Fe 500D has lower quantities of carbon, sulphur and phosphorus. So it is less brittle. This is why it is more shock resistant and helps to preserve the steel framework of the building. It resists repeated earthquake shocks or shocks lasting for a longer duration.

– The elongation of TMT bars and the strength of the rods on applying tension or force is higher in the 500D variant of the rods. These enhanced mechanical properties of the Fe 500D grades TMT steel bars allow elevated resistance of the bars to natural calamities and to stress.

–  Special treatment and controlled cooling (thermo-mechanical quenching) help to achieve fine-grained steel. The 500D grade TMT steel bar variant manufactured by Electrotherm (India) Limited is the most suitable grade for all critical applications like critical structures in seismic zones III, IV and V.

These include high-rise buildings, bridges, flyovers, dams, foundations of wind turbines, industrial structures, concrete roads, underground structures, thermal and hydro-electric power stations as well as general-purpose concrete reinforcement structures.


 Electrotherm (India) Limited has been manufacturing high-quality TMT steel bars with a strong emphasis on Building Right for over a decade.

We provide the best quality steel construction products to create reliable structures in the present with the capacity to last beyond the coming decades as a solid foundation for future progress.

With the mission to “Always Build for a Better Tomorrow”, Electrotherm (India) Limited has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Kutch, Gujarat. Here cutting-edge technology, the best sponge iron and regular quality checks ensure that only the best quality steel products are manufactured using the integrated iron ore – IF – Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) process.

Committed to being the foremost manufacturer of top-quality steel construction products at the most competitive prices in Gujarat, the company was one of the first TMT steel bar manufacturers in western India to adopt the Ladle Refining Furnace technology in conjunction with the Induction Furnace melting.

Having proved its excellence in the field for over a decade, Electrotherm (India) Limited is the proud winner of many accolades and awards for its tireless efforts to maintain quality and a high ethical code. One of these is the Gujarat Growth Ambassador Award by the Gujarat chapter of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers of India (CREDAI).

Electrotherm (India) Limited is today the only Refined Steel Producer in Gujarat equipped with integrated iron-ore induction furnace-ladle refining route and won the prestigious  “Ispat Agradoot Award” from the All India Induction Furnace Association (AIIFA) .