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All variants of ET TMT bars are made using 100% iron ore and a patented ERF-ELdFOSTM metallurgical process which ensures the elimination of all impurities from iron. This is done to produce refined steel, without impurities. LRF Refined Steel is ideally suited for the production of high-grade TMT bars. 

Unlike some other manufacturers ET TMT only uses in house produced refined steel of the highest quality to ensure that the TMT bars produced at our facilities are the best in quality, longevity and safety.

The main reason for using in-house refined steel instead of scrap steel is that scrap steel contains many impurities and leads to lowering the quality of TMT bars. 

Sulphur and phosphorus (S & P) are impurities in steel which lower its quality significantly. High levels of phosphorus can lead to ‘cold shortness’ in steel which makes it brittle under

extreme cold conditions while high levels of sulphur can

lead to ‘hot shortness’ in steel, a condition in which the

melting point of steel gets lowered thereby reducing its

strength under high temperature.

However, lower levels of the S & P can be achieved only through advanced steel making technology, especially the use of the Ladle Refining Process (LRF).

Our ET TMT bars have superior mechanical properties in strength, weldability, ductility and bendability that exceeds quality standards due to highly stringent quality control process using NABL accredited labs and equipment.

Advantages of Refined Steel in manufacturing TMT bars:

-Lower phosphorus in refined steel improves ductility.

-Lower sulphur in refined steel improves transverse ductility and weldability of the steel.

-Lower carbon level results in excellent ductility and weldability of the refines steel imparting better force resistance to the TMT bars.

-This grade is ideal for construction in areas prone to earthquakes due to better shock resistant properties of the steel.

-Stringent quality control through in-house NABL approved physical and chemical laboratories ensures that only the best products make it to the hands of the consumer.

-This high-quality steel is very suitable for high-rise buildings, bridges, flyovers, dams and industrial structures.

-Since most of the issues causing wear are already avoided there is a higher resistance to failure in the bars.

-The steel helps avoid localised shear failure as well.

Process of manufacturing refined steel:

Steel at Electrotherm is made using high quality raw material. The best quality iron ore is used in a Blast Furnace of 128 m3 and 63 m3, Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) kiln of 250 and 350 TPD. 

For this 100% iron ore is used. Steel scrap is not used in the melting process as it usually contains a high level of impurities. After melting the DRI from kilns and hot metal from Blast Furnace in Induction Furnaces, a unique and patented ERF-ELdFOSTM metallurgical process is used to dephosphorus the steel in the ladle and desulphurised the steel in Electrotherm Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) specially to meet the stringent phosphorus and sulphur requirement of all grades of TMT bars. 

Multistage testing of steel chemistry on the spectrometer ensures adherence to the desired chemistry in close tolerance.

In the LRF, metal is also homogenised, alloying elements are added and controlled in a very narrow range, dissolved gases in the steel are lowered through mild purging of inert gases and inclusions are removed or altered chemically to ensure high quality of steel. 

This refined steel is cast into billets of required sizes in closed environment to have further control of gases and other inclusions. Molten pig iron (hot metal) from Blast Furnace and Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) from kiln is the key to making superior quality refined steel.

ET TMT bars are free from tramp elements like Cu, V, Ni, Cr etc. because they are manufactured from refined steel, unlike other conventional manufacturers where scrap is used and there is no control on impurities.

After refining the steel in LRF, it is rolled according to the required size in a state-of-the-art Rolling Mill and thermomechanically treated in a Standard Quenching Box. Highly atomised quenching, self-tempering and atmospheric cooling ensures that refined steel TMT bars have superior mechanical properties in strength, weldability, ductility and bendability meeting or exceeding quality standards. Quality control is highly stringent through NABL accredited labs and equipment.

Method of Steel refining:

At ET steel, the method of manufacturing refined steel is the key to our range of high-quality products with unmatched finesse. We employ the world’s most advanced standards and techniques to achieve this.

As steel produced from sponge iron is of the highest quality hence ET TMT bars are produced only from freshly smelted iron ore at the ET TMT’S world class facility following a stringent and streamlined production process.

The iron ore is smelted in a blast furnace or a sponge iron kiln. The steel from the smelted iron ore is then sent to the steel melting shop from where it reaches the ladle refining furnace. In the ladle refining surface, impurities like phosphorus and sulphur are removed. The purified steel is then forwarded to the billet caster and further processing of the billets is done to produce steel bars.

Electrotherm (India) Ltd. is a one-stop solution for modern day construction that manufactures all the crucial requirements for construction such as TMT bars, Cut and Bend TMT Bars and epoxy coating facilities in its own state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in the entire west region of India. 

This makes the process of building easier and quicker since one doesn’t need to spend their time and energy to pick different vendors for each product or to compromise on the quality. At Electrotherm we strive to bring forth the best quality to our product range and maintain precise consistency in our range of products for flawless constructions.

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