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Refined Steel

ET-TMT Refined Steel

ET TMT 500 D LPS bars are made using 100% iron ore and a patented ERF-ELdFOS™ metallurgical process which ensures the elimination of all impurities from iron. Our ET TMT 500 D LPS bars have superior mechanical properties in strength, weldability, ductility and bendability that exceeds quality standards due to highly stringent quality control process using NABL accredited labs and equipment.

Why choose ET TMT 500 D LPS Bars?

• Made from iron ore
• Dephosphorised using trademarked ELdFOS™ process
• Desulphurised in Electrotherm Ladle Refining Furnace (ERF™)
• Stringent quality control in state-of-the-art laboratories

Available Sizes: 8 mm to 40 mm
Available Grades: Fe 500, Fe 500 D, Fe 500 D LPS, CRS Fe 500, and CRS Fe 500 D

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