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cut and bend tmt bars

Cut and Bend TMT Bars

ET TMT Cut Bend Bars

ET TMT CUT and BEND TMT Bars are customised TMT bars also known as ET TMT C&B TMT bars, using the revolutionary cut and bend technology. 

ET C&B TMT bars meet the specified standards, provide safety and longevity to concrete structures and ensure the complete safety of a structure. 

Advantages of ET CUT BEND BARS:

Made from the world’s finest machines, Electrotherm (India) Ltd. has the best 100% automatic machines procured from Italian manufacturer Schnell to manufacture all kinds of steel bar designs and variants from 8 mm to 36 mm bars.

Some of the salient advantages of ET CUT BEND bars are:

– Less dependency on manpower

The application of C&B to bars entails properties that require minimal manpower as well as ensuring faster turnaround time. This increases the overall efficiency and improves the quality of Cut & Bend bars and provides the Best TMT Bar for House Construction process saving on both manpower and man-hours.

-Cost effective

With the option to have clearer approximates of inventory requirements the cost of processing decreases considerably. Not only is this due to lesser inventories, it is also because a precise estimate helps to reduce wastage and hence helps save on labour cost.

-Simple and Safe

Since the bars are available in custom sizing the handling of 12 metre bars is eliminated and neatness is improved. This is a major benefit as it decreases the risk of accidents, making the site environment much safer for the manpower while work continues. 

-Timely delivery 

ET C&B TMT bars are produced at the 100% automated plant of Electrotherm India (Ltd) hence ensuring greater efficiency in production as well as the shortest turnaround time.

-No wastage: Material and Money

Since there is availability of a customised option, the customer pays for the theoretical blueprint weight only and saves on waste that may otherwise occur during processing and freight.

Moreover, the lead time is considerably shorter as the time required for delivery of material at construction site is lesser, hence the need of storing steel and blocking capital in inventory is also reduced.

-Superior finishing and Absolute accuracy

The finishing quality of ET C&B is unmatched in every manner. The ability to cut and bend bars in all desired angles with much greater ease gives our product an upper hand over other C&B bars that undergo the process manually or mechanically.

-Instant usability

Another important benefit that the ET C&B bars offer builders and engineers is that they provide the option of instant usability. The Cut & Bend bars can be put to use instantly as they prove to be profitable on-ground solution for all your construction requirements.

-Eliminates the storage and Stock problems 

Material is ordered and supplied as per the need and is made available to the construction site for assembling thereby eliminating the shortage, overstocking and storage problems.

Making of the ET TMT CUT and BEND bars:

The ET TMT CUT and BEND bars are manufactured at the state-of-the-art facility of Electrotherm Steel using the Stirrup Technology.

Cut and Bend bars are prefabricated bars customised as per requirement and exact specifications. This ensures that only the required quantity and size of the bars are provided to the customer. The ET TMT CUT and BEND bars are ready to use bars.

In order to manufacture the bar at ET TMT, captively produced billets are used to ensure that only high-quality input is available for production of CUT and BEND bars. The captive billets are produced using steel from the best quality Iron Ore. This steel is also produced in-house at ET TMT. The steel made here is produced with a precisely calibrated chemical composition. 

The chemistry of each billet is precision controlled by using Spectrometer testing. To increase the corrosion resistance property of the ET TMT C&B bars, elements like copper, phosphorus and chromium are added in the desired proportion to ensure a high corrosion resistance property in the steel bars right from inside i.e. at grain boundary. 

The quenching technology of tempering steel bars is also used after running the bars through the rolling mill to ensure that there is a presence of self-tempered layer over martensitic layer. The application of this process imparts high force resistant strength and high ductility to the bars. 

The distribution of corrosion resistant elements is also homogeneous from the core to the surface. The superior strength of the bars ensures that they offer high resistance to applied force. The high ductility ensures that ET TMT CUT and BEND bars can easily be cut and modified to precision to suit the specific needs of a structure without displaying wear and tear.

Method of producing steel for ET TMT C&B bars

ET TMT C&B Steel bars at Electrotherm are made using high quality sponge iron or iron ore. Good quality of iron ore is used in Blast Furnace of 128 m3 and 63 m3, directly reduced Iron (DRI) kiln of 250 and 350 TPD. 100% iron ore is used and no scrap is used in the melting process. After melting the DRI from kilns and hot metal from the Blast Furnace in Induction Furnaces, a unique and patented ERF-ELdFOSTM metallurgical process is applied to dephosphorus the steel in the ladle and desulphurised the steel in Electrotherm Ladle Refining Furnace (ERF) specially to meet the stringent phosphorus and sulphur requirement of FE 500 D grade of TMT bars. Multistage testing of steel chemistry using the spectrometer ensures adherence to chemistry in close tolerance.

In the Ladle Refining Furnace, metal is also homogenised, alloying elements are added and controlled in a very controlled range, dissolved gases in the steel are lowered through mild purging of inert gases and any undesirable inclusions are removed or altered chemically to ensure the high quality of steel for manufacturing ET TMT C&B bars. 

This refined steel is cast into billets of required sizes in a closed environment to have further control of gases and other inclusions. Molten pig iron (hot metal) from the Blast Furnace and Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) from the kiln is the key to make superior quality ET TMT C&B bars.

TMT bars are free from tramp elements like Cu, V, Ni, Cr etc. unlike steel used at other conventional manufacturing units where scrap is used and there is no control on impurities.

After refining the steel in LRF, it is rolled according to the required size in a state-of-the-art Rolling Mill and thermomechanically treated in a Standard Quenching Box. Highly atomised quenching, self-tempering and atmospheric cooling ensures that TMT bars have superior mechanical properties in strength, weldability, ductility and bendability meeting or exceeding quality standards. Quality control is highly stringent through NABL accredited labs and equipment.

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