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cut and bend tmt bars

Cut and Bend TMT Bars

ET TMT Cut Bend Bars

The practice of cutting and bending TMT bars at a construction site to meet individual requirements can be labour-intensive, expensive, time-consuming, space-occupying and results in enormous material wastage. ET TMT Cut and Bend bars come in a ready-to-use format and are made in an automated plant ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and uniformity which leads to a quicker construction process. They are best suited for critical design structures such as windmills, flyovers, bridges, etc. Cut and Bend TMT bars comprises Fe 500, Fe 500 D, Fe 550 and Fe 550 D grades.

ET TMT Cut and Bend technology is the result of our constant research to offer the best option to our customers the Builders, Architects & Engineers as they work towards constructing superior and safer buildings.

Advantages of ET TMT Cut and Bend Bars

Made from the world’s finest machines
Electrotherm (India) Ltd. has the best 100% automatic machines procured from Italian manufacturer Schnell to manufacture all kinds of designs from 8 mm to 40 mm.

Perfect Joints (Rings)
Perfect Joints are closed loop of reinforcement ET TMT bars that are used to hold the main reinforcement bars together in a structure. In a column, the Perfect Joints provide the lateral support to the main bars against buckling. When used in beams, the Perfect Joints (stirrups) are termed as shear or transverse reinforcement since they withstand the sheer force.

Reduce dependency on manpower
The technology inspires working that requires minimal manpower as well as ensures faster turnaround time. This increases overall efficiency and improves the quality of Cut and Bend bars required in the construction process saving on both manpower and manhours.

The cost of processing decreases considerably due to lesser inventories, reduced wastage, and saving on labour cost.

Instant usability
Another important benefit that can be drawn from ET TMT Cut and Bend bars is that it promotes instant usability. The Cut and Bend bars can be put to use instantly as it proves to be profiting on-ground solution for all your construction requirements.

Timely delivery
ET TMT Cut and Bend bars are made in 100% automated plant of Electrotherm (India) Ltd. assuring greater efficiency in production and shortest turnaround time.

Simple and Safe
Handling of 12-metre bars is eliminated and neatness is improved, thus decreasing the risk of accidents, making it safer for manpower at the site.

Eliminates the storage / Stock problems
Material is ordered and supplied as per the need and is made available to the construction site for assembling thereby eliminating the storage problems.

Making of the ET TMT Cut and Bend bars

The ET TMT Cut and Bend bars are manufactured at the state-of-the-art facility of Electrotherm Steel using the Stirrup Technology. Cut and Bend bars are prefabricated bars customised as per requirement and exact specifications. This ensures that only the required quantity and size of the bars are provided to the customer. The ET TMT Cut and Bend bars are ready to use bars.

In order to manufacture the bar at ET TMT, captively produced billets are used to ensure that only high-quality input is available for production of Cut and Bend bars. The captive billets are produced using steel from the best quality Iron Ore. This steel is also produced in-house at ET TMT. The steel made here is produced with a precisely calibrated chemical composition.

The chemistry of each billet is precision controlled by using Spectrometer testing. To increase the corrosion resistance property of the ET TMT Cut and Bend bars, elements like copper, phosphorus and chromium are added in the desired proportion to ensure a high corrosion resistance property in the steel bars right from inside i.e. at grain boundary. The quenching technology of tempering steel bars is also used after running the bars through the rolling mill to ensure that there is a presence of self-tempered layer over martensitic layer. The application of this process imparts high force resistant strength and high ductility to the bars.

The distribution of corrosion resistant elements is also homogeneous from the core to the surface. The superior strength of the bars ensures that they offer high resistance to applied force. The high ductility ensures that ET TMT Cut and Bend bars can easily be cut and modified to precision to suit the specific needs of a structure without displaying wear and tear.

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