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Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS) Bars

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The ET Corrosion Resistant Steel Gold Bar is an innovative offering from ET TMT. CRS – or Corrosion resistant steel bars are highly corrosion resistant construction Best TMT Bars. They reduce the rate of corrosion due to their properties and hence greatly enhance the life span of the structure.

The ET CRS Gold bars have been subjected to corrosion evaluation as per ASTM standards which include the Alternate Immersion test, Atmospheric Exposure Test, Sulphur Dioxide test, Potentio Dynamic Test and have proven resistance to corrosion

The ET CRS Gold bars are best suited for use in areas where the structure is likely to be constantly exposed to water or moisture, such as in a marine environment, in places with brackish ground water, for areas with saline sub-oil or high rainfall and humidity. They are also ideal for use in Seismic zones.

Advantages of ET CRS Gold bars:

  • ET TMT CRS Gold bars are Made from High quality BIS certified produced in-house.
  • They have a longer life due to superior pitting corrosion resistance.
  • These bars can be bent and rebent around very small mandrels.
  • The bars also possess High yield strength coupled with ductility and bendability.
  • Each of these bars passes through stringent quality control through NABL accredited in-house physical and chemical laboratories
  • ET TMT boasts of the single largest production capacity of the Best TMT Bars for construction in Gujarat.

Making of the ET TMT CRS Gold bar.

At ET TMT, captively produced billets safeguard that only high-quality input is available for production of CRS bars. The captive billets are produced using high quality sponge iron which is also produced in-house at ET TMT. 

The steel made here is produced with an accurately calibrated chemical composition. The chemistry of each billet is precisely controlled by using Spectrometer testing. To increase the corrosion resistance property of the ET TMT CRS Gold bars, elements like copper, phosphorus and chromium are added in the correct proportion to make the steel resistant to corrosion from inside i.e. at grain boundary. 

The quenching technology is also used after rolling to ensure that there is a presence of self-tempered layer over martensitic layer. This step imparts high strength and high ductility to the bars. The distribution of corrosion resistant elements is homogeneous from the core to the surface. The high strength of the bars ensures that they are highly resistant to applied force. The high ductility ensures that ET TMT CRS Gold bars can undergo permanent changes in shape without rupturing.

Method of producing ET TMT CRS Gold bars:

At ET steel, the method of building is of prime importance. We employ the world’s most advanced standards.

Steel produced from sponge iron is of the highest quality hence ET TMT bars are produced from iron ore at the ET TMT’S world class facility following a stringent and streamlined production process.

The iron ore is smelted in a blast furnace or a sponge iron kiln. The steel from the smelted iron ore is then sent to the steel melting shop from where it reaches the ladle refining furnace. In the ladle refining surface, impurities like phosphorus and sulphur are removed. The purified steel is then forwarded to the billet caster where the billets are shaped and these billets are sent to the rolling mill. 

Here the billets are rolled into bars to give them the grooves for superior bonding capacity with concrete and once the rolling is complete the next step is the Thermex quenching system. 

It is in the Thermex quenching system that the bars are finally tempered using temperature-controlled water systems.  Here the bars are cooled and tempered by the water flow and they develop the variable structure having a soft inner core and a hard-outer core. This leads to higher force resistance while maintaining ductility.

Once the bars have cooled, they are checked for defects and irregularities in the physical and chemical labs where both the physical structure as well as the chemical properties of the bars are examined to ensure that only the bars that meet all the quality checks reach the consumer.

Following the lab tests, the bars are certified and then moved on to the storage and dispatch where they are stored or distributed as per need.

ET TMT CRS Gold bars are available in two variants, ET TMT CRS Gold 500 and ET TMT CRS Gold 500 D.

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