Create Long-lasting Landmarks with Ribbed TMT Bars

To achieve success in the business of construction, paying attention to detail is very important. The quality of raw material you choose can decide the fate of your real estate projects. Therefore, it is pertinent that you are equipped with the right knowledge to make sound purchase decisions. 

In your construction journey, one of the most crucial decisions you can take is with regard to buying the right TMT bars. Good quality TMT bars can lend unyielding strength to your buildings, ensuring longevity. And if the bars you’re using are ribbed TMT bars, then nothing like it!

ET-TMT’s Ribbed TMT Bars: The Most Preferred Choice of Customers 

Thanks to ET TMT’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and superior quality products, it is the most preferred choice of contractors across India. ET-TMT’s ribbed TMT Bars are especially popular with clients.

The quality of ET TMT Bar can be represented by its geometrical rib features (i.e. surface geometries including shape, width, height, spacing and inclination with respect to the surface of the rods) and physical properties in terms of length of the rods and nominal diameter, area of the ribs and rods, mass and density of the bars. 

This is because the rib of ET TMT bars are designed using superior CNC notch cutting machines to ensure consistent rib patterns and optimum rib depths. These machine crafted ribbed TMT bars allow for superior bonding with concrete that is essential for making landmarks last longer.

ET TMT Bar rib geometry has the greatest effect in terms of bonding of reinforcement bar to the concrete.

Proper geometrical configuration of ET TMT Bar ribs can prevent failure due to cyclic loadings (fatigue). The ribs can be longitudinal or transverse and are shaped, spaced and inclined according to the specification requirements from adopted standards.

Ribbed ET TMT Bar is characterized by the measures, number and arrangement of longitudinal and transverse ribs. The product must have two or more rows of transverse ribs evenly distributed around the volume. Within each row transverse ribs are also evenly distributed. Ribbed TMT Bar can have a longitudinal rib as well.

The specific values of ET TMT Bar ribs can be determined by the Mean Projected Area (Ar) per unit length or by combination of the distance between transverse ribs, height of the transverse rib and transverse rib angle.

ET TMT maintains the following range of values of the distance between the transverse ribs, rib height and angle are given in table below:




Longitudinal Rib Height


Transverse Rib Height


Distance between Transverse Rib (mm) Angle
Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. 45 °  to 

75 °

8 0.40 0.80 0.56 1.12 3.20 8.00
10 0.50 1.00 0.70 1.40 4.00 10.00
12 0.60 1.20 0.84 1.68 4.80 12.00
16 0.80 1.60 1.12 2.24 6.40 16.00
20 1.00 2.00 1.40 2.80 8.00 20.00
25 1.25 2.50 1.75 3.50 10.00 25.00
32 1.60 3.20 2.25 4.48 12.80 32.00
36 2.80 3.60 2.56 5.04 14.40 36.00
40 3.20 4.00 2.80 5.60 16.00 40.00


Reduced size of transverse ribs must engage at least 75% of the bar volume that is calculated from the nominal diameter and the angle of inclination rib slope ϴ must be ≥ 45 ° in ET TMT Bar. In the case of longitudinal ribs their height must not exceed 0.15 d.

To determine the Mean Projected Area (Ar) per unit length as adhesion factors of concrete and reinforcing bar of ET TMT must use the results of measurements of geometric features.

The Mean Projected Area (Ar) per unit length (in mm2/mm) of ET TMT Bar is calculated from the following formula:                                         

ET TMT’s ribbed bar always maintain specified range of Ar value which fulfilled customer’s requirement. The Ar value of various size and their specified minimum value & ET TMT value given below in table:


Size Minimum Ar Value ET TMT Ar Value
8 0.96 1.20 – 1.40
10 1.20 2.50 – 2.70
12 1.80 3.15 – 3.35
16 2.40 3.75 – 3.95
20 3.40 4.50 – 4.70
25 4.25 5.20 – 5.40
32 5.44 7.10 – 7.30
36 6.12 8.20 – 8.40
40 6.80 9.35 – 9.55


There are various benefits to using ribbed ET TMT bars in your construction projects. In times of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods and cyclones, the ribs in ET TMT bars help absorb sudden shocks and make the bars resistant to dynamic loading. 

Ribbed ET TMT bars also help save costs to a great extent. The ribs in the TMT bars help lend better grip, causing less concrete slip offs during construction. This makes structures last longer than their normal life expectancy and reduces maintenance costs. 

ET-TMT offers ribbed TMT bars in various ranges. Whether it is ET TMT’s superior quality bars, refined steel bars, CRS bars, Cut and Bend bars, or Epoxy coated bars, all of these bars have a signature rib pattern which strengthens grip and offers durability to RCC (Reinforcement of Cement Concrete) structures. In addition to lending a strong grip, these TMT bars also offer high ductility and weldability that is far superior compared to the minimum values prescribed by IS 1786: 2008 standards. 

When selecting ribbed TMT bars, consistency of ribbed pattern is an important factor. ET TMT bars have a uniform ribbed pattern on them which gives the TMT bars higher fatigue strength. When you select ET TMT ribbed ET TMT bars, you avoid the slippage that usually occurs by using ordinary bars in your construction endeavors. This provides you with higher stability and strength. 

Ensure that you buy ribbed TMT bars from a reputed manufacturer like ET TMT. We produce our TMT bars with the latest innovation and with tested construction practices to help you derive value for money.