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Superior Quality Fe 500 Steel Bars

ET TMT Superior quality bars comprises Fe 500 grade which has a lower percentage of sulphur and phosphorus, which are harmful to steels used in construction. These bars are produced under strictly regulated manufacturing process and thus have good corrosion resistance, excellent ductility & bendability, high weldability, high strength and strong resistance on dynamic loading. The Fe 500 TMT bars also have the capacity to absorb sudden loads which make them an ideal solution for various natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones.

All this makes it a perfect choice for RCC constructions in building, housing construction and other concrete structures.

Advantages of superior quality Fe 500 Steel Bars:

 -Superior quality TMT bars are free from tramp elements like Cu, V, Ni, Cr etc. unlike other conventional manufacturers where scrap is used and there is no control on impurities.

-Superior quality bars are more reliable and safer for use in critical infrastructure due to better force resistance and load bearing capacity.

-Superior quality steel bars come in a variety of grades which are suitable to varying needs of construction work to be undertaken.

– Superior quality steel bars are manufactured with the state-of-the art processes which rule out impurities, irregularities and surface defects in them leading to higher corrosion and stress resistance in them.

-Superior quality steel bars have higher load bearing capacity than regular variants and are also available in customizable variants which reduces wastage and is cost effective.

-Superior quality bars are best TMT Bars for construction requiring superior strength, including –

  • Critical structures in seismic zones III, IV and V
  • High-rise buildings
  • Bridges
  • Flyovers
  • Dams
  • Foundation of wind turbines
  • Industrial structures
  • Concrete roads
  • Underground structures
  • Thermal and hydroelectric power stations
  • General purpose concrete reinforcement structures

Process of manufacturing superior quality refined steel:

At Electrotherm India all bars are manufactured only from high quality refined steel. No scrap steel is used. To ensure that the best quality steel is used in our products we refine steel at our own manufacturing facility to ensure that the refined steel is cast into billets of required sizes in closed environment to have further control of gases and other inclusions. Molten pig iron (hot metal) from Blast Furnace and Direct Reduced Iron
(DRI) from kiln is the key to make superior quality refined steel.


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