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Superior Quality Fe 500 Steel Bars

Electrotherm (India) Ltd. is a well-diversified conglomerate having a strong presence in the field of engineering and projects serving steel, foundry & heat treatment industries since 1983. Over the years, it has forayed into manufacturing of Induction Melting Furnaces, Continuous Casting Machines, Steel, Transformers etc.

It launched TMT bars in 2006 and in a short span of 10 years, ET TMT bars have become the most preferred and no. 1 brand of superior quality Fe 500 Steel bars and Best TMT bars in India.

Range of available Electrotherm India steel bars:

 Today, Electrotherm (India) Ltd. is Western India’s first fully integrated manufacturing facility of TMT bars with unique offerings like ET TMT Epoxy Protect and ET TMT Cut and Bend TMT Bars which are ready-to-use TMT bars. We also manufacture FE 500 and FE 500 D steel bars in addition to 500 D LPS bars and CRS Gold bars.

We understand the need of the nation and we know that at this stage of rapid development, critical infrastructure is a glaring need of the Indian economy. 

Therefore, we are committed to providing superior quality bars to the nation for helping set it up for its journey to establishing itself as a well-developed economy.

For ET TMT the key to being the fore-runner in the production of superior quality bars is producing the required high-quality steel in-house at its own manufacturing facilities.

We produce refined steel at our own plants instead of sourcing scrap steel. This is because the choice of steel to make superior steel bars is critical in determining the quality of TMT bars. 

Advantages of superior quality Fe 500 Steel Bars:

Building structures with Superior quality TMT bars offers several advantages:

-Superior quality TMT bars are free from tramp elements like Cu, V, Ni, Cr etc. unlike other conventional manufacturers where scrap is used and there is no control on impurities.

-Superior quality bars are more reliable and safer for use in critical infrastructure due to better force resistance and load bearing capacity.

-Superior quality steel bars come in a variety of grades which are suitable to varying needs of construction work to be undertaken.

– Superior quality steel bars are manufactured with the state-of-the art processes which rule out impurities, irregularities and surface defects in them leading to higher corrosion and stress resistance in them.

-Superior quality steel bars have higher load bearing capacity than regular variants and are also available in customizable variants which reduces wastage and is cost effective.

-Superior quality bars are best TMT Bars for construction requiring superior strength, including – 

  • Critical structures in seismic zones III, IV and V
  • High-rise buildings
  • Bridges
  • Flyovers
  • Dams
  • Foundation of wind turbines
  • Industrial structures
  • Concrete roads
  • Underground structures
  • Thermal and hydroelectric power stations
  • General purpose concrete reinforcement structures

Process of manufacturing superior quality refined steel:

At Electrotherm India all bars are manufactured only from high quality refined steel. No scrap steel is used.

To ensure that the best quality steel is used in our products we refine steel at our own manufacturing facility to ensure that 

The refined steel is cast into billets of required sizes in closed environment to have further control of gases and other inclusions. 

Molten pig iron (hot metal) from Blast Furnace and Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) from kiln is the key to make superior quality refined steel.

Method of manufacturing superior quality steel bars:

Once the billets are ready, they are sent to the rolling mills for being rolled into bars. Here the billets are rolled into their final shape as bars. The rolling also gives them grooves for superior bonding with concrete. After the rolling is done the bars are sent to Thermex quenching system. 

In the Thermex quenching system the bars are tempered using temperature-controlled water systems. Here the bars are cooled and tempered by the water flow and they develop the variable structure with a soft inner core and a hard-outer core. This leads to higher force resistance while maintaining ductility in the bar.

Once the bars have been cooled, they are checked to ensure that they are free of defects and irregularities. This is done in the physical and chemical labs where both the physical structure as well as the chemical properties of the superior quality bars are examined to ensure that only the bars that meet all the quality checks reach the consumer.

Following the lab tests, the bars are certified and then moved on to storage and dispatch where they are stored or distributed.

With ET TMT to cater to all your construction steel needs, you can be sure to build it right each time.

Fe 500 Steel

Available Sizes: 8 mm to 40 mm
Available Grades: Fe 500, Fe 500 D, Fe 500 D LPS, CRS Fe 500, and CRS Fe 500 D

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