ET-TMT Bars – The Right Choice For Your Construction Needs

Before TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars became ubiquitous, the Indian construction industry built houses using concrete and iron rods. The rods would corrode rapidly, affecting the stability of constructed projects. Indian buildings therefore didn’t prove to be durable in the long run. The necessity of strong raw material led to the invention of TMT bars. Given their multiple benefits, TMT bars have now become the go-to raw material for building long lasting landmarks. 

At ET-TMT, we manufacture a variety of TMT bars to ensure all your construction needs are met. Established in 2006, ET-TMT has become the most preferred brand for TMT bars in various states of India. We are the only manufacturing facility of Western India to produce Epoxy coated TMT bars and ready-to-use Cut & Bend bars. 

What makes ET-TMT bars an ideal choice for construction of smart cities and large projects? 

Taking on construction projects involves cutting and bending bars which can be a labour intensive and time consuming activity. This results in material wastage and occupies a lot of space, which are problems that can be avoided using ET-TMT’s ready-to-use Cut & Bend bars. This helps you reduce your construction timeline significantly and focus on other aspects of the construction process. 

If you’re involved in constructing projects such as windmills, flyovers, bridges, etc., Cut & Bend TMT bars are just the raw material you need. Our TMT bars come in Fe 500, Fe 500 D, Fe 550 and Fe 550 D grades. 

Advantages of using Cut & Bend TMT Bars

  1. The closed-loop reinforcement of ET-TMT bars prove to be the perfect joints to hold the main reinforcement bars together in a structure, providing support to the main bars against buckling. 
  2. Our Cut and Bend bars possess high ductility so that they can be easily cut and modified without suffering wear and tear. 
  3. We have the best 100% automated machines procured from Schnell to manufacture Cut and Bend bars with Stirrup technology  to ensure the bars are of the highest quality.
  4. On top of being anti-corrosive and earthquake resistant, our Cut and Bend bars are highly resistant to applied force. Using captively produced billets ensures that only high quality input is available for the production of bars. 
  5. Turnaround time can often be long for large construction projects. By using ET-TMT Cut & Bend bars, you can reduce your time by minimizing required manpower. 
  6. With improved neatness and usability of our TMT bars, the risk of accidents reduces, increasing onsite safety for manpower present. 

The biggest advantage of choosing ET-TMT is that our Cut and Bend bars are made to order as per customer requirements. We ensure that our bars meet your exact specifications. Only the required quantity and size of bars are provided to our clients. Our ready to use bars thus make your construction process seamless. Get in touch with us to meet your TMT Bars purchase requirements.