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Epoxy Coated Bars

ET TMT Epoxy Coated Bars

Western India’s first fully integrated manufacturing facility, producing BIS approved Epoxy Coated TMT Bars at a single location. (Iron ore to Epoxy Coated TMT Bars)

What are the advantages of Integrated Production Facility?
• One-stop facility results in faster delivery
• Reduced handling and transportation eliminate damage, save time, and cost

ET TMT Epoxy Coated bars is a right choice for construction in moisture and chlorides prone areas. The ready-to-use epoxy coated TMT bars protect the constructions from corrosion due to moisture, various chlorides and acids and thereby results in long-lasting and low-maintenance structures.

Why choose ET TMT Epoxy Coated Bars?
• Superior corrosion resistance extends the life of the structure
• Excellent bonding with concrete
• Acts as a barrier to protect TMT bars against harmful elements like chloride ions

Available Sizes: 8 mm to 40 mm
Available Grades: Fe 500, Fe 500 D, Fe 500 D LPS, CRS Fe 500, and CRS Fe 500 D