What Are TMT Rebars?

Today, there is an emphasis in the construction industry on making eco-friendly products. Given how the environment is constantly being polluted, we believe in designing products that help preserve nature. Which better way to manufacture products than to use sustainable steel? Known for retaining its properties even when recycled, using steel in our products ensures minimum environmental damage. For these reasons, ET-TMT’s steel reinforcement bars (TMT Rebars) make an ideal, eco-friendly choice for your construction needs. 

What are TMT Rebars

Steel reinforcement bars (Rebars) which go through an intensive thermo mechanical treatment (TMT) are known as TMT Rebars. Their high strength and flexibility make them useful in reinforced cement concrete (RCC) work and large scale construction projects. 

Ever wondered why TMT Bars are so popular? What is it about these bars that make them the strength of every building? 

The secret to good TMT Rebars is its manufacturing. The quality of the bars is judged on the basis of raw material used in its making and the intensity of its thermo mechanical treatment.

From Billets To TMT Rebars 

Before the bars are produced, it is important to choose high quality steel to ensure your final product turns out just right. To adjust the composition of steel, it is passed through an induction furnace. Once the desired composition is achieved, molten steel is poured into moulds, turning the metal into long, rectangular forms called steel billets. It is these billets that are then turned into TMT bars


TMT Rebars – The Manufacturing Process

The steel billets are passed through rolling mill stands which extend the steel’s overall form. Immediately after that, they are passed through a water quenching system. Here, water is sprayed onto the surface of the bars to cool them down and harden them up. It is at this point that TMT Rebars develop their distinctive feature: having a tough, cool exterior with a soft, hot and malleable core. 

Quenching is followed by the process of self-tempering, where the hot core continuously passes heat to the outer surface, turning the outer layer into tempered martensite. Then the bars go through a process called atmospheric cooling, where they are placed on special cooling beds so they cool down at room temperature.

It is this intensive process that helps TMT Rebars be the foundational strength of any construction project.

Benefits of TMT Rebars 

  • High ductility and malleability 
  • High strength and toughness 
  • Earthquake resistant 
  • Resistant to High Thermal Exposure 
  • Anti-corrosive 

For the above mentioned reasons, TMT Rebars are highly preferred for constructing buildings, bridges, dams, etc. They provide enhanced anchorage to concrete structures and become the foundational strength of any real estate project. 

At ET-TMT, we ensure that we manufacture TMT Rebars that stand the test of time. We believe in building it right so that the structures built today become the landmarks of tomorrow. Choose right, choose ET-TMT.