Whether you want to build your dream home or have the responsibility to build critical infrastructure for the nation, you can never go wrong if you follow the philosophy to “build it right”.


After all, we don’t build for the sake of building but to provide a long-lasting safe haven for our loved ones and a secure, solid foundation of progress and development to our future generations.


This is why it is of utmost importance to be completely sure when undertaking the task of building and construction. You must definitely pick the best design and the utilities for the construction with great care with due consideration for the safety and longevity of its intended inhabitants. Moreover, you should also pay attention to sourcing the right materials for construction.


At Electrotherm India Limited, we understand the importance of undertaking the task of building lasting structures. We aim to build structures that stand the true test of time and have the capacity to withstand natural calamities and any mass structural mishap. Picking the right TMT steel bars is one of the most critical aspects of building any structure the right way for any purpose. Our core philosophy is “Always build for a better tomorrow”.
TMT bars have today replaced regular steel bars as they are of high quality and are very reliable. Their strength and ductility are superior to regular steel bars. This is why TMT bars have become one of the preferred materials for building work.


It is important to know how to pick the best quality TMT steel bars for your construction work. Here are the things to consider before buying the best quality TMT steel bars.

• MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Look into the manufacturing process used to produce the bars. When choosing the best TMT steel bars, the manufacturing process is important. ideally, the manufacturing process should use iron ore as the raw material and not scrap. this makes the steel tramp free. also, once iron ore is used as the raw material, refining becomes very important to bring the impurities under control. The TMT bars should therefore be produced using the Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) route. The LRF process is the best method to reduce impurities. These impurities include Sulphur and Phosphorus in iron ore. Removing them is critical to impart tensile strength and flexibility/ductility to TMT bars. Both BF-BOF-LRF or “integrated iron ore-IF-LRF” manufacturing processes are capable of producing high quality TMT bars confirming to tight BIS norms.

• ANTI CORROSIVE PROPERTY: Pick a TMT steel bar which has anti-corrosive properties. This protects the surface of the steel bar against external weakening elements such as moisture. Hence it ensures that the framework of the building remains stronger for a longer period of time. If the intended construction is in a flood-prone or heavy rainfall prone area, the anti-corrosive TMT steel bar lends high damage resistance to the structure. These bars could either be CRS grade or epoxy coated.

• FLEXIBILITY: The best quality TMT bars should be flexible. This property ensures that the bars do not break upon bending but regain their shape and form. Good quality flexible TMT bars increase the ease of construction. If the building is in an earthquake-prone area or an area with high seismic activity then the flexibility of the bars helps the structure withstand high degree shocks and seismic tension without crumbling down.

• TMT GRADES: Always check the grades of the steel bar before you buy TMT bars. TMT steel bars come in several different grades. The different graded signify varying properties, to suit a variety of construction needs. If you need to construct a structure in an earthquake-prone zone then higher-grade TMT bars are a must as per IS 13920 BIS. Find out the best grade suitable to your requirements so that the construction is built right, keeping in mind the conditions of the area and also with the needs of the intended users.

• BRAND CERTIFICATION: Brand certifications are a critical aspect of the selection criteria for the right TMT steel bars. You must focus on brands with BIS and IMS (Integrated Management System) certifications and get a clear sense of the reputation of the brand, vis a vis the quality and longevity of its products.

• TESTING FACILITY: Finally, pick TMT steel bars from a brand that has a laboratory as well as a testing facility to maintain the right quality checks on their steel products. This is mandatory if you wish to buy the best quality steel bars for your purpose.


Electrotherm (India) Limited has been manufacturing high-quality TMT steel bars for many years. It is a company founded with a strong emphasis on building right, to make each construction strong enough to serve its purpose in the present and also to last beyond decades for the nation’s consistent progress.
With the idea to build right, Electrotherm (India) Limited has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Kutch, Gujarat. Here high-grade TMT steel bars such as Fe500, 500 D and epoxy-coated bars are manufactured using the integrated Iron ore – IF- Ladle Refining Furnace process.
The company committed to build top-quality steel construction products at the most competitive prices. The company was one of the pioneering TMT steel bar manufacturers in western India to adopt this process and its excellence is acknowledged with several awards and honors.
Today, Electrotherm (India) Limited is the only Refined Steel Producer in Gujarat with the “integrated iron-ore induction furnace-ladle refining route”, winning the prestigious Ispat Agrodoot Award by the All India Induction Furnace Association (AIIFA).
At Electrotherm (India) Limited, our core mission is to Build for the Future.