Build it right

Tips on working with your contractor

You are not building for the sake of building. You are here to build from scratch a civilisation that stands tall – a civilisation of
structures that lasts through time and become landmarks. Structures that are lived on, and loved for. You are here to build with
materials strong and worthy. You are hear to build for the future.

Have you ever walked the thin line that separates the right from the wrong? The view wrong? The view on both sides a stark
contrast. The wrong holds crumbling systems; broken anatomies of ideas. Construction without a vision or purpose. To the
right stand structures built, of concern and of a need that needed addressing. Structures built with courage, credibility and care.

1. Ensure good and clear communication

One of the definite ways to ensure smooth progress of the construction project is to have a positive and clear communication with your contractor. New tasks come up almost every day during home construction projects.

The best way to keep the contractor and the construction crew informed is to conduct regular meetings, preferably during morning prior to starting the construction work. Having brief discussions with your contractor can save you from emergency calls when you’re working. If you have any concerns regarding the construction project, make sure talk to your contractor about it.

2. Maintain a positive and healthy relationship

The contractor you work with may be impatient. However, it’s your responsibility, for the love of your upcoming home, to ensure a healthy relationship with your contractor. Make sure to do your homework and have a clear understanding about the project

Doing this will help you to clearly and define your doubts/concerns to your contractor.If you are unhappy with some tasks done along the way, be forthright and respectful when asking to make changes.

3. Ensure your contractor usesthe right construction materials

Construction materials have got everything to do with how durable and reliable your newly-constructed home will be.
Constructional materials such as TMT bars are reliable and cost-effective.

TMT bars from SRMB provide higher structural strength and ensure longevity of your home. Due to superior flexibility, SRMB TMT barscan withstand seismic movements of earthquakes which otherwise can have damaging effects on concrete structures. Learn more about our TMT bars at You can also use our rate chart at to check TMT steel bar price per kg/piece in your area.

4. Visit the construction regularly

One of the best ways to check your contractor’s work is to visit the site regularly. The best time to visit would be when the
construction crew has left for the day. Remember that you are your contractor’s client and you have the right to expect quality