Build it right

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Have you ever walked the thin line
that separates the right from the wrong?

The view on both sides a stark contrast.

The wrong holds crumbling systems; broken anatomies of ideas. Construction without a vision or purpose.

To the right stand structures built of thought, of concern and of a need that needed addressing. Structure built with courage, credibility and care.

So build over failures of the past.

Build with materials strong and worthy.

Build Smart. Build from scratch a civilisation that stands tall – a civilisation of structure that lasts through time and become landmarks.

It takes strength and conviction, and a solid core to build the perfect structure and hold it together. It takes the right kind of thinking and knowledge.

You are not building to satisfy your ego.

You are not building for a trophy on your wall.

You are not building for the sake of building.

So before you start, take a long look at that thin line before you, and ask yourself.

What are you really building for?