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Electrotherm Steel Division

Electrotherm Steel has been a part of Electrotherm (India) Ltd for more than a decade. Since its commencement in 2004, it has been producing quality steel products from its manufacturing unit in Kutch, Gujarat. ET TMT BARS has emerged as the most preferred & the best TMT bar company in India and commands a premium.

The company believes in solid infrastructure and is committed to offering the best TMT Bars Brands in India. While there are umpteen TMT Bars manufacturers in the country, Electrotherm Steel has distinguished itself by offering the very best of products.

Electrotherm Steel has emerged as one of the most popular companies acclaimed for its role in the development of Modern India.

The World Class Manufacturing

Electrotherm Steel’s manufacturing plant in Kutch, Gujrat utilizes world-class manufacturing practices and machines enabling them to produce top grade steel products.

First choice of millions

TMT bars manufactured by us have become the first preference of India. The quality, strength, and ductility that our bars offer have enabled us to get an edge over our competitors.

Innovation at our core

We believe in innovation, it has always been the driving force behind our endeavors. We have been delivering world class innovative solutions to the construction industry and will continue to do so, helping India build a better future.

Trusted Network of Dealers

We have been able to associate with some of the best dealers and distributors and establish an extensive network, enabling us to reach our clients and deliver products on time. We are the sole providers of 500D LPS in India and our dealers have helped us along the way.

Largest in Gujarat

Over the years, we have emerged as the largest manufacturer of Lrf refined steel products and TMT Bars Manufacturers in Gujarat enabling us to bring deliver world class products and help India grow.