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Electrotherm Steel has made a name for itself with high-quality TMT Bars and other products that stand synonymous for strength and long life. It has been the very foundation of quality infrastructure in India since its inception almost 12 years ago in 2004. The never ending growth story of India continues unhindered thanks to the TMT bars that stand for excellence and strength. TMT Bar Prices have been highly competitive and the Electrotherm offers best-in-class quality at very attractive prices. The company is dedicated to providing you value for money, always.
The team at Electrotherm Steel is a highly qualified one with the acumen to guide you properly about the Steel Prices in India as you undertake the stupendous task of building with steel.
Only Electrotherm TMT Bars give you superior weld ability, high strength workability, better elongation and ductility for excellent ‘sudden load absorption’. These are our products that have set the benchmark of quality for which our clients trust and respect Electrotherm brand.

our products

Super Ductile TMT Bars
Electro 500D LPS TMT Bars
Redefining steel making, Electrotherm has developed Fe500 D grade TMT bars through the 100% iron ore plus refining route named Electro 500 D LPS. It is the first time in India that TMT bars have been
Premium Quality TMT Bars
Electro TMT Plus
Electro tmt plus bars are made from billets that are manufactured in house using 350 TPD Sponge Iron Kilns, 20T Induction Melting Furnaces and a 6/11 Continuous caster. The larger heat size results in
Corrosion Resistant TMT Bars
Electro CRS Gold TMT Bars
Perfect example of “Innovation meeting with product Excellence”. Striking a fine balance between the life of the structure and its cost, this corrosion resistant...
Fusion bonded Epoxy coating commonly referred as FBE coating is widely used to protect concrete reinforcing bars steel pipes, piping connections,etc. used in construction...
Cut & Bend TMT Bars

ET C&B TMT BARS are ready to use, customized , Cut & Bend TMT bars which is made from the world’s finest machines. These are the result of our constant researc