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ET C&B – Cut & Bend TMT Bars

ET C&B TMT BARS are ready to use, customized, Cut & Bend TMT bars which is made from the world’s finest machines. These are the result of our constant research to offer the very best option to our customers: Builders, architects and engineers, as they work towards evolving superior and safe buildings. These bars are made using high grade ET TMT PLUS, CRS GOLD and are also available in various grades. As these bars are customized and delivered as per your order, the cost of your construction can go considerably low as you don’t have to invest more on the manpower for cutting and bending and you save on the wastage also. Due to its instant availability, your storage issues are also greatly addressed. When you opt for ET C & B TMT bars, you can be sure of the quality, accuracy and timely delivery.

Cut and Bend for Critical bonding ensuring safety C&B TMT Bars meeting specified standards provide safety and longevity of concrete structures, but to ensure complete safety of a structure, it is essential that the main Rebar’s are supported by stirrups of good quality

Perfect Joints is a closed loop of reinforcement bar that is used to hold the main reinforcement bars together in a structure. In a column, the Perfect Joints provide the lateral support to the main bars against buckling. When used in beams, a Perfect Joints (stirrup) is termed as shear or transverse reinforcement since it withstands the sheer force. Stirrups can Be of various shapes depending on the design and shape of the load bearing member e.g. Circular,

Cost effective
Cost effective – By using cut and bend bars cost of construction decreases considerably due to lower inventories, reduced wastage and low labour cost as skilled labour required for manual bending is not required.
Zero wastage
Zero wastage – Opting for Pre Cut and Bend Bars, you pay only for the weight of the cut and bend products and the wastage during cutting is borne by us.
Minimum storage
Minimum storage – Instead of procuring and storing 12 m long bars you have to store only the cut and bend bars that require considerably less space.
Reduced dependency on manpower
Reduced dependency on manpower – As the Cut and Bend Bars are pre-cut and bended, no extra manpower is required for cutting and bending of the bars at site.
Simple and safe
Simple and safe – Handling of 12 meter bars is eliminated and neatness is improved, thus decreasing the risk of accidents and thefts.
Instant usability
Instant usability – As the cut and bend bars are made as per required dimensions they can be put instantly to use.
Faster completion of work
Faster completion of work – As readymade cut and bends are used there is no need of wasting time in bending bars manually at site.
Timely delivery
Timely delivery – ET C&B T bars are made in the 100% automated plant of Electrotherm assuring greater efficiency in production and the shortest turnaround time.
Superior finishing and high accuracy
Superior finishing and high accuracy – ET Cut and Bend Bars are made by using the World’s Finest Machinery at the State -of -Art plant of Electrotherm assuring you the finest quality and superior finishing.
Made on world’s finest machine
Made From world’s finest machine – Electrotherm has the best 100% Automatic machines procured from Italian manufacturer Schnell, in order to manufacture all kinds of design from 8mm to 40 mm.
Consistent quality
Consistent quality – ET Cut and Bend Bars are made by using the best quality ET TMT bars on the world’s finest machinery assuring you the finest and consistent quality.
Available in all grades
Available in all grades – Fe 415,Fe 500,FE 550,FE 415D,FE 500D,CRS 415,CRS 500.
State-of-the-art manufacturing facility
State-of-the-art manufacturing facility – Electrotherm is the only manufacturer in Gujarat capable of manufacturing TMT Bars as well as Cut & Bend TMT bars under one roof.
High production capacity
High production capacity – The production capacity of CUT & BEND is around 3000 t/month.
Reliability of supply
Reliability of supply – The supply of C&B is continuous depending on demand.
Consistent quality
ET advantage: – ET Cut and bend bars come from the house of Electrotherm and so are backed by the ET Edge over the others. These ready to use, customized cut TMT bars are made by the World’s Finest Technology using high grade Fe 415, Fe 500, FE 550, FE 415D, FE 500D, FE 500D LPS, CRS 415, CRS 500. ET TMT BARS which are precisely cut on highly innovative machines.

8 mm to 12 mm rings

16 mm to 36 mm Cut & Bend

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