Integrated Manufacturing Process

Electro TMT plus reinforcement bars are produced using a fully integrated manufacturing process. With all equipment in-house such as: Sinter Plant, Blast Furnace, Sponge Iron Kilns, Induction Melting Furnaces, Ladle Refining Furnace, Continuous Caster, Fully equipped Chemical Laboratory with 24 channel Spectrometer, 2,40,000 TPA Rolling Mill with AC Variable Drives and a state-of-art Physical Testing Laboratory – seamlessly integrated into a loop of Quality at the world-class steel manufacturing plant at Kutch.

Advantage Purity

The steel produced in Induction Furnace is further refined using a Ladle Refining Furnace which ensures lower sulphur (impurity) levels, lower inclusion levels, lower gas levels and results in cleaner steel. These pure steel billets with a much lower Carbon content provide Electro TMT plus bars with uniform strength, excellent ductility and superior bendability. These bars hence have an inherently higher fire as well as corrosion resistance and are ideally suited for creating earthquake resistant structures.

Advantage Team ET

It’s the men behind the machines that make the difference. Team Electro TMT comprising of Engineers, Technocrats and Management Professionals is a dedicated team obsessed with quality and passionate about excellence in everything it does. The result – Products, Solutions and Services par excellence.