Build it right


The Group Purpose

  • Our Purpose is to improve the quality of life of the communities, we serve.
  • We believe in returning to Society, what we earn.
  • We are focusing on the Rural Development.
  • Environment Friendly Initiatives.
  • Health Care & Medical facilities to near by villagers.
  • Organizing Mega Health/Dental Check-Up Camps.
  • Organizing Blood Donation Camp.
  • Focusing on Basic Education.
  • Swachh Bharat

Our CSR Approach

  • Eradicate extreme poverty & Hunger.
  • Health & Sanitation
  • Basic Needs fulfillment (Sharing & caring ).
  • Ensure Environment Sustainability.
  • Gauchara for Gaushala of near by Villages.
  • Construction of Toilets under Mahatma Gandhi Swachata Abhiyan.

CSR Activities With Investments

Sr. No Particulars Beneficiary Approx. Cost Remarks
1 Free Medical Checkup, Free Medicines Distribution & Blood Donation Camp – 2016 Approx. 1000 People from Surrounding Villages Like Samakhyali, Vondh, Chhadvada, Naliyana, Adhoi, Bhachau, Vadhpa, Lakadiya etc. 1,00,000/- Fifteen Specialised Doctors of various field conducted the check up
2 Health Camp for HIV test and General Check up Approx 350 people from surrounding villages as above 15,000/- In cooperation with PHC & NGO Bhachau
3 Bal Vidhya Mandir, Vondh Ta- Bhachau and Anganwadi from 2009 onwards, Around 50 poor Children of near by village 50,000/- Fix Cost one time 18000/- per month Recurring cost Continuous process
4 Computer with printer Sets for High School Samakhyali School children of samakhyali 75,000/- Need base
5 Boundary wall of primary school at Laliyan village All school children and entire village 3,00,000/-
6 Two sets of sweing machine Mahila Mandal, Bhachau 15000/-
7 Two sets of sweing machine Mahila Mandal, Smakhyali 15000/-
8 Community Devlopment Kutchh Run Utasav 10,00,000/-
9 Free Butter Milk Distribution Down trodden pepole of samakhyali area 10,000/-
10 Laptop & renovation expences of Samakhyali Police Station Samakhyali Police Station 5,35,000/-
11 Water Cooler, Steel bench & donation Samakhyali, Sai Temple 1,30,000/-
12 Steel bar & Construction matierial for old Temple mahadev Mandir Construction of Temple at Samakhyali Village 3,25,000/-
13 Construction of 20 Toilets at near by Village under “Mahatma Gandhi Swachata Abhiyan” May – 2015 Laliyana Villagers 3,00,000/-
14 15 Toilets constructed at tollnaka Smakhyali June – 15 Samakhyali Villagers 2,25,000/-
16 Donation for Nepal Earth quake People of Nepal 15,00,000/-
17 Construction of Anganwadi school at Gagodar Village Poor children of gagodhar Village 2,25,000/-
18 Gauchara for Ambaliyara / Chhadwada village Gaushala Cattles of village Ambaliyara / Chhadwada 12,00,000/- Yearly Continues Process
19 Eye Checkup Camp at Adhoi Village Near by Villagers 1,00,000/- Eye specialist from Morbi
20 Shade for Gaushala at Ambaliyara Ambaliyara Villagers 50,000/-
21 Medical Asistance to Ambaliyara Village Disable People 1,25,000/-
22 50 Toilet Constructed Under Swach Bharat Abhiyan in 2016 Ambaliyara Villagers 75,000/-
23 Donate Steel for Construction new Girls Hostel at Bhuj in Jan-17 Girls Students 3,90,585
24 Shade & Boundary for Gaushala Jangi Villagers 50,000/-
25 Donate for Samaj Nav Nirman Trust – Bhuj Poor People 7,00,000/-
26 Pewar block donated for Rajbai Temple at Samakhyali Samakhyali Villagers 3,00,000/-
27 Fabrication work for Mogal Mata Temple at Bhachau Near by Villagers 6,00,000/-
28 CCTV Camera Installed at Surajbari Checkpost Public 35,000/-
29 Drinking water laying from Ramdevpir to Chhadwara village (04 Km) Ramdevpir and Chhadwara Villagers 5,00,000/-
30 Quateraly Donation for Viklang Sevashray (21000 X 4) 84,000/-
31 Financial Help for Medical Purpose Poor People Family 20,000/-
32 Drinking Water Pipe Lying From Samayakhali to Ambaliyara Village Villagers 1,00,000/-
33 Crunstructed near Ramdevpir temple at Samakhyali Village Samakhyali Villagers 2,00,000/-
34 Steel for Constructed of Muslim Samaj Community hall at Samakhyali Samakhyali Villagers 52,346/-
35 Gauchara for Samakhyali Village Gaushala Cattles of Village 6.00.000/- Yearly Continues Process
36 Donation for Kerla Flood Kerla 10,00,000/-
37 Donation of TMT Bars for Construction of RSS office at Bhachau 2,20,000/-
38 Donated Land for New Model school At Samakhyali Village Samakhyali 15,00,000/-
39 Donation for TMT Bars for New Girls Hostel at Bhuj 3,00,000/-
40 Financial Help of Sujlam Suflam jal Abhiyan -2018 Bhachau 3,50,000/-
41 Aartificial Hand Donated to Poor Handicap people Gandhidham 3,25,000/-

Social Responsibility & Rural Development Activities

Total Villages in radius of 10 KM:
Samakhyali, Chhadwada, Vondh, Lakadia, Jangi, Vijpasar, ambliyara, Laliyana, Bhachau

1. Participation in local celebrations.
2. Female Swawlamban -> Sewing machines distributed at Samakhyali Village.
3. Programme organized for environmental education and awareness.
4. Employment provide to local and down trodden people.
5. Tree plantation in surrounding villages & temples.
6. Provide vehicle & other assistance during Polio Camps etc.
7. Donation provided for construction of temples in village.

Health Related Initiatives

Stop Stressing, Start Living

Photographs of “Swasthya Shikshan Anne Sarwar Vahini” Visiting in Ambliyara,Chhadwada,Vondh,Laliyana Villages.

Mobile -Medical Checkup

100 Patients Attended by our Doctor in the near by Villages

Mega Medical Camp

A Mega Medical Camp, jointly organized by Electrotherm (India) Ltd., and Tap Hospital, Gandhidham. A team of 10 Doctors offered free medical examination to over 670 patients.
This camp was blessed by the presence of Chief Guest Shri Babubhai Shah (Ex MLARapar), Smt. Neema Acharaya (MLA Bhuj), Shri Upendra Soni (Dy. Director-Industrial Health & Safety), Shri Dharmendra Jadeja (Taluka Pramukh – Bhachau), Sarpanchs of nearby villages were present.

Free Medical Mega Camp Organized in ET Plant for near by villagers

Dental - Checkup

Free Dental Check-up and process camp Vijpasar Village (Primary School).

41 Patients Attended Dentist- Dr.Kusum Pandey, Welfare Hospital, Bachau.

Blood Donation Camp Organized at ET Academy Excellence Hall (Kutch Plant)

Blood –Donation- Camp

It is being famously said that, “the only gift is a portion of thyself”.

70 + Units Blood donated

Donation of Steel Benches & Water Coolers at “Sai Baba Temple, Samakhyali, Kutch, Gujarat"

Subject – Basic Health awareness Advises given to Villagers of Chhadwada, Laliyana,Vondh,Ambliyara (Male/Female) Patients on Regular Basis

Motto of Program- Under our corporate social responsibility, we are continuously making efforts to serve our local community. In this regard we are advising patients (Male/Female) on routine basis for creating awareness towards healthy & Hygienic Living life style and Importance of
cleanliness in human life.

Health Awareness Advises

1. Role of water in human life and infectious effects of infected water.
2. Which types of diseases may be possible by infected water?
3. How to control the water born diseases.
4. General Principle of water purification.
5. How to prevent the most challenging disease like Malaria.
6. Origin of mosquito’s and its Dangerous effect on human body.
7. How we can eliminate the origin of Mosquito’s.
8. Sign & Symptom of Malaria.
9. Tips for Hygienic living to all family members.
10. Importance of Nutrition in Pediatrics, growing children’s & pregnant women’s.

Sharing & Caring

Clothes & Toys Distribution to immediate Vicinity (Samakhyali) on July, 13, 2016.

“We are not put on this earth for ourselves, but are placed here for each other. If you are there always for others, then in time of need, someone will be there for you.”

Environment Sustainaility


Inauguration of a school building dedicated to Village Ambaliyara, Kutch

Shed Constructed as Lunch Place of School children at Samakhiyali

RO Plant Installed at Samakhiyali Primary School

New Anganwadi School at (Vondh)

Classes being conducted at Anganwadi School

Distribution of Gift/Sports Items to Children of Aganwadi School at Vondh Village During Navratri Festival

ET-FAMILY Dedication Towards CSR

Bhoomi –Pujan Ceremony f or Hanuman ji Temple in Chhadwada Village

HANUMAN ji Temple Construction by ET

Sarpanch vijpasar Village Inaugrating Water Cooler & Ro For School Children Of Primary School Donated by ET company

talati Mantri Chhavada Village Inaugrating Water Cooler & Ro For School Children Of Primary School Donated by ET company

Gauchara for Chhadwada Village Gaushala

Gauchara for Ambaliyara Village Gaushala

Gauchara for Samakhiyali Village Gaushala

Toilets Constructed in Laliyana Village

Drinking Water pipe laying